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Male-Extra Instant

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Male-Extra Instant Erection pills

Erection Pills - Erectile Dysfunction - Sexual Dysfunction - Male Enhancement

Erection Pills

For all Men

Male-Extra Instant Erection Pills is a well-known treatment for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Thousands of men in South-Africa and now also worldwide are using Male-Extra Erection pills and its busy establishing itself as a leading product to use as treatment for impotence and sexual drive.
Male-Extra Instant works in 40 min and can stay in you system for up to 36 hours depending from person to person but it’s important to note that this does not mean than an erection is sustained for 36 consecutive hours but will kick in with sexual stimulation.
36 Hours is plenty of time for the individual to get in the mood for sex without the need to rush and to have sufficient time for spontaneous sexual intercourse and fore play.

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Safe and Natural

We all know South-Africa is flooded with male enhancement pills and products and 99% of them cannot ensure your safety. Some bring undesirable side effects to men that can be life threating. You should get approval from your doctor before taking any pills. The unique 100% natural formula in Male-Extra erection pills that bring the desired results, without damaging your body.
When it comes to taking a pill you should be 100% sure and have the necessary proof that will support its effectiveness. This will give you an assurance that the pill is worthy of your time and money. Male-Extra pills are a product that gets regular inspections and standard laboratory tests to make sure our product is reliable and safe to current and future customers.

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Benefits of Male-Extra Instant

  1. Stronger Erections  - Getting and Maintaining a good healthy Erection is a major problem more and more men suffers from nowadays. Your Erection should be strong enough in order to maximize the sexual pleasure your partner desire. Male-Extra Erection Pills contains a substance that will increase the blood flow to your penis for a longer lasting performance in bed. A Good Erection are an important aspect of your manhood so take Male-Extra pills to maintain and improve it even more. You can make sure that intimate times with your partner will be unbelievable without the worrying about your penis staying hard.
  2. Intense Orgasms - By taking Male-Extra Instant Erection Pills you will be supplementing a strong hard Erection and experience more intense orgasms. Male-Extra will enhance the penis head and it will be more sensitive. More intense orgasm will mean a healthier sex life and a greater satisfaction for your partner
  3. Higher Stamina  - More stamina in bed is as important as a good strong erection. Male-Extra Erection Pills will not only help you with a good strong erection but it will boost your energy level to help fatigue and tiredness you get after a private session with your partner
  4. Higher Confidence - Feeling insecure while in bed or even before a private session with your partner is not healthy. With Male-Extra erection pills you will have the confident to perform more rounds in bed without worrying that your erection will fade away. By having high confidence your partner will automatically experience greater orgasms without feeling rushed. A Spot of insecurity will never get in your way and by having a good self-esteem will increase the level of pleasure while having sex. Using Male-Extra will definitely increase your confidence.


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