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Male-Extra helps with Male Enhancement - Erectile dysfunction - Premature Ejaculation - Penis Enlargement - Erection Boosting

Not happy with your current Erection Power, Performance or is Low Libido, Erectile Dysfunction, Impotence, and low sex drive getting you down? What about your Penis Size? Would you like to supersize your Erection and Penis Power? Well, you found just the place to help with all of this. See Male-Extra is South-Africa's Best Product when it comes to Sex and Erections and will give you and your partner the best sexual experience you ever had. Male-Extra Erection Pills and Penis Enlargement is designed to suit men of all ages struggling with different Erectile problems. Unhealthy diet, diabetes, high blood pressure, and stress can cause horrible effects when it comes to your manhood.

Male-Extra Erection Pills and Penis Enlargement here in South-Africa will improve your and your partner's confidence and sexual desire mentally and physically. Our primary focus with this brand is to increase Penis Size, Erection Strength, Boost Sexual stamina and cure Premature Ejaculation. The best part is it's safe to use for all men 18 and up even if you have Diabetes, Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure with no known side effects.The Male-Extra South-Africa brand is taking the world by storm with 100% satisfied customers and online sales in 68 different countries.

The Success behind our product is our Promise! Our Promise is that should you not be satisfied with our products that we will refund you. The involvement with the Institute of Technology Massachusetts in Cambridge USA we can 100% guarantee the safety of our Products. We use the best privately owned laboratories and testing facilities which is World-Class in South-Africa to manufacture our products under the legislation and strict guidelines from governmental institutes for medicines like the MCC, FTR, and FDA. Male-Extra South-Africa belongs to Pvt-Remedies (Pty) Ltd which operates from Bloemfontein, South-Africa

Sex Products


Well, it's easy! Male-Extra has the best Erection Pills, Penis Enlargement and Male Enhancement in South-Africa. Our Products is always available, and you have the guarantee of your money back if you are not satisfied! Your Purchase is Discrete, and you pay wholesale prices when you order form us WHY? Because we are the Factory! Male-Extra is suitable for all ages (above 18 of course), and you can use Male-Extra even if you suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure
* Safest product in South-Africa
* Money Back if you are not satisfied
* Suitable for all ages

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Male-Extra Instant

Male-Extra Penis Enlargement

1 Per Day Enhancement

Male Potency - Erectile Dysfunction - Male Penis Enlargement - Sexual Dysfunction - Premature Ejaculation

Erection pills

Male-Extra Instant Pills

Works in 40 min and can last up to 2 days without any known side effects
Male-Extra Erection Pills works for the guy that can't get or maintain an ERECTION and is also suitable for the guy that can get an ERECTION but needs it HARDER STRONGER and LONGER LASTING *10 Pills per box*


Male Enhancement

Male-Extra One Per Day

Need to be ready for sex all the time? Male-Extra 1 per day enhancement is the answer.
STRONG FIRM ERECTIONS in 5 Seconds. Because you take one pill every day, the active
ingredient stays in your system. With a little stimulation and you be ROCK HARD
in Seconds *60 pills per bottle*


Penis Enlargement

2 in 1 Penis Enlargement

Male-Extra 2 in 1 Penis Enlargement kit. GAIN UP TO 28% in length and girth
Not only do you gain in Penis Size you also get a lot of extra benefits
Double the stamina *60 pills per bottle and 150ml gel*


Make Money


We also package Male-Extra instant in 4 Pills per box to stock outlets like:
Gas stations / convenient stores, Liquor stores, Bars, Night clubs, Supermarkets, and Pharmacies or any other shop wanting to sell this product.

The Profits is enormous and the work effort little.


Male-Extra South-Africa is a World Class brand with an excellent reputation in 68 countries and trusted by hundreds of men all over the world. Spending hours online trying to find the right product for you is time-consuming and some products out there are costly if they are not scams. With Male-Extra you know your order is safe and you are getting the best product without breaking the bank. Male-Extra has three products even a Penis Enlargement kit which other product can say that? Bigger Penis will satisfy your sexual partner with greater Orgasms.

Male-Extra Erection pill is the most successful pill on the market. Works fast and will boost low libido, boost your stamina, cure premature ejaculation, and will boost your sex drive. Male-Extra one per day enhancement is for the guy that have sexual intercourse more than four times a week. One pill per day will have you rock hard in seconds with stimulation. You don't have to plan when to drink an Erection pill you will always be ready for sex — no more planning just enjoyment.

On our website, you can buy all three Male-Extra products. These three products are all that you will need to spice up your and your partner's sex life without breaking the bank: dubious pleasure and cheap on the pocket. We have been around for ten years with exports to the USA, Australia, Canada, and 65 other countries.  Our USA and Australian dispatching centers will open very soon with online stores dedicated to those countries. YES, WE ARE GROWING. Male-Extra will save you a lot of money, and you can say goodbye to all your Erectile dysfunction Problems. Up your game now and try Male-Extra right now. Harder Stronger Powerful Erections, Loads more stamina and performance like a racehorse. What else do you need?

Daily stress and the unhealthy food we eat daily is the primary cause of Erectile dysfunction. We all know changing your lifestyle is not easy, but this is why you should order Male-Extra erection pills and penis enlargement. No special diets or stop doing all the unhealthy thing life gives us. Just use Male-Extra, and you're sorted.


It is not a shame to struggle with your PENIS - Weak Erections, Penis Size or even stamina  LIFE HAPPENS - These days more and more men even from just as young as 25 has ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION. Did you know 30% off all men around the world isn't happy with their Penis Sizes?

There are so many things in life we do that is just not helping when it comes to Erectile Dysfunction! Junk food, Oily Food, Smoking, Drinking, Stress, and So can the list go on!

You don't have to struggle or change your lifestyle because using Male-Extra will help you in all the ways possible - STRONG HARD ERECTIONS - BIGGER PENIS - LONGER LASTING SEX even more STAMINA.

Remember HAPPY WIFE HAPPY LIFE - Don't think it doesn't influence your partner's life when you cannot get or maintain a good erection...They also have needs.

Male-Extra has the best Erection Pills in South-Africa, the best Penis Enlargement in South-Africa and the Best Male Enhancement 1 Per Day in South-Africa. Cheap on the pocket and happy in the bedroom



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